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Charleston wedding + family photographer here! Welcome to my blog, a journal where I share all-the-pretty details, stories, and even a few tips. Stay a while and say hello!

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Downtown Charleston Engagement Session

Nov 4, 2020

I am over the moon excited to share Catherine and Mac’s Pitt Street Bridge and downtown Charleston Engagement Session!

Catherine and I have worked together on a branding photography session prior to this shoot.  (Check out that incredible shoot here!)  Needless to say, she was camera ready and so comfortable in front of the lens!  As we were brainstorming locations for her and Mac’s Engagement Session, they couldn’t decide between downtown Charleston and Pitt Street Bridge.  The solution: let’s shoot both locations!

Pitt Street Bridge is an iconic Charleston backdrop for an Engagement Session

I love photographing at Pitt Street Bridge, but it can be very tricky for a photographer.  It’s a very popular spot for the neighbors in the area to take their regular dog walks, morning runs, and the most beautiful fishing spot you could imagine!  All that to say, it’s a busy spot which means the photographer has to work magic to frame out everyone walking through the backdrop.  And then there are the natural elements of wind and direct sunlight that can be really difficult for a photographer.  There are a lot of variables to work with in order to nail it.  But if you can time the session just right and you have the weather on your side, Pitt Street Bridge can be the most epic Engagement Session location!

I was so grateful that Catherine and Mac were up for a sunrise session!  (Especially the day after Halloween and taking into account a time change!) Seeing these images makes that early morning sunrise SO worth it!  The popped champagne (Yes, at 7am!) and we had the best time strolling down to the bridge and back.

PRO TIP: I love photographing Pitt Street Bridge at sunrise!

Philadelphia Alley. Stoll’s Alley. Longitude Lane. Saint Michael’s Alley

Did you really get married in Charleston if you didn’t have a downtown Charleston Engagement Session?  After we wrapped shooting at Pitt Street Bridge, we headed downtown to our second adventure.

Catherine and Mac made a quick wardrobe change into a suit and dress to have a more dress vibe for the second half of the shoot.  Catherine shared that Mac had a love for finding Charleston’s hidden alleys that are tucked away downtown.  I loved taking on this challenge and we planned our shoot around our top Alleys.  As a photographer, it can be easy to shoot in the same locations again and again.  This challenge forced me to walk and discover new locations which was so refreshing from a creative perspective!  It was such a peaceful and quiet Sunday morning and the only others around us were those walking to church.

PRO TIP: I love shooting downtown early in the morning (Sundays are the best!) so that there are less people and cars.  It’s SO quiet and peaceful!

I’m at a loss for words in describing just how sweet of a morning it was for us. After living in Charleston for almost a decade, I discovered little hidden gems that I’ve never seen before this shoot!  Needless to say, I’m so excited to share this gorgeous morning I spent photographing Catherine and Mac!  They will be getting married in March of 2021 here in Charleston at the Creek Club I’on!  I am even more excited to capture their wedding day!




  1. […] Pitt Street Bridge is just over the bridge in Mount Pleasant over in The Old Village, just before you get to Sullivan’s Island.  Though not technically located in Charleston, it’s as “Charleston” as it gets!  Surrounded by  water on both sides of this narrow walkway lined with palmetto trees, it’s just so unique!  There’s also an incredible view of the Ravenel Bridge!  My favorite time to photograph a proposal here is actually sunrise.  The reason for this is less people and pups.   This is such a popular walking spot for locals and it can get crowded in the summer.  Check out a recent engagement session from Pitt Street Bridge here! […]

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