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Charleston Pineapple Fountain Proposal

May 30, 2021

Charlie chose Charleston’s Pineapple Fountain as the location for his proposal.  This California couple planned a getaway to Charleston, SC.   Charlie thought it would be the perfect time to pop the big question!

The evening started with a romantic private carriage tour with Palmetto Carriage Works.  The horse and carriage planned to drop them off at the entrance to Waterfront Park just at the end of Vendue.  And of course, that’s where I was waiting!  (Pro tip: I called Palmetto Carriage Works ahead and asked what they were dressed in so that I was sure to be ready for them!)

A Charleston Pineapple Proposal Pros (and Cons)

Quick note: The Pineapple Fountain is very busy during peak season.  There will often be kids swimming in the fountain during summer months.  The best part of this is that you’re guaranteed to have a crowd cheering right after the big proposal moment!  If you are really after a more quiet, intimate proposal, we can always time it early in the morning.

As Charlie and Angela’s carriage turned the corner, they looked amazing!  Charlie recognized me and I followed behind, incognito, as they exited the carriage and began to walk into the park.

I love seeing couples experience Charleston for the first time!

It’s soo fun to see couples take in the beauty of Charleston.  They walked up to the Pineapple Fountain and I secretly directed Charlie in the exact location to pop the question.  Angela never even knew I was there!  The bended knee moment was absolute magic.  The smile on Angela’s face was just priceless!

Charlie booked me for a mini engagement session following the proposal.  This meant that we were able to walk through the beautiful cobblestone streets, taking photos along the way.  And of course, Charlie thought of everything.  Including a perfect dinner reservation at High Cotton to follow!

Cheers to this couple who’s love was overflowing!  I’m so excited to share their Charleston Pineapple Fountain proposal!



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