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12 Best Charleston Proposal Location Ideas

Dec 21, 2020

Charleston is the perfect destination proposal location and I’m so excited to share 8 of the BEST Charleston Proposal location ideas!

Go ahead … forward this blog post on to your beau to share these best Charleston Proposal Location ideas!

Did you know, Charleston, SC is ranked “Best City in the World 2020” by Conde Nast Traveller?  (See the full list of cities here.)  I moved to Charleston in 2011 and that summer, the city received the accolade for the first time.  And though the city has changed so much in the last eight years, it’s still the American Paris I fell in love with upon first site.

It’s really no surprise that this beloved city has become the wedding destination, bachelorette party central, and weekend getaway for so many.  And proposals included!  I have had so much fun meeting and photographing couples from around the country that have chosen a weekend getaway to Charleston to pop the question.  From the cobblestone streets downtown to the low country marsh views, from glam hotel to rustic picnic, there is a perfect proposal spot for everyone!

Note to the guys: My biggest advise for planning a proposal is: Hire a proposal planner!  Yes, that’s a real thing!  Jena from Propose Charleston is the absolute BEST.  She can coordinate all the details from a simple bended knee moment, to a styled picnic proposal overflowing with flowers.  She takes the stress out of planning and executing the details so that you can focus on enjoying the day and moments leading up to the proposal.  She can even recommend and book dinner reservations and small gatherings after the proposal.  Trust me, your soon-t0-be bride (or groom!) will thank you!

1. Pitt Street Bridge Proposal

First on the list of my Charleston Proposal Location Ideas is Pitt Street Bridge.  Located just over the bridge in Mount Pleasant over in The Old Village, just before you get to Sullivan’s Island.  Though not technically located in Charleston, it’s as “Charleston” as it gets!  Surrounded by  water on both sides of this narrow walkway lined with palmetto trees, it’s just so unique!  There’s also an incredible view of the Ravenel Bridge!  My favorite time to photograph a proposal here is actually sunrise.  The reason for this is less people and pups.   This is such a popular walking spot for locals and it can get crowded in the summer.  Check out a recent engagement session from Pitt Street Bridge here!

2. The Gibbes Museum Proposal

A morning or afternoon spent strolling through The Gibbes Museum is a must on your list of things to do when visiting Charleston.  And also just so happens to make a gorgeous proposal location!  Whether you choose to go down on bended knee inside one of the many galleries or the peaceful courtyard outside, you just can’t go wrong!  And if you want to take the Proposal surprise to the next level, the Rotunda is a perfect spot to gather family and friends!  (This is a must see proposal that I photographed recently at The Gibbes – be sure to see the bride’s reaction when she sees her family and friends!)  The Gibbes Museum is a great proposal spot for the art loving couples!

3. Sullivan’s Island Beach Proposal

One of the main reasons that I chose to call Charleston home is quite simple: The Beach!  And by beach, I mean we have three!  (Four if you count Edisto + Kiawah Island!)  It’s safe to say that Charleston beach proposals are one of my favorite locations to photograph, especially at Sullivan’s Island!  Sullivan’s Island is personally my go-to for a beach day with my family.  I love the white sand and it’s such a wide beach, but what I love most are the pathways leading up to the beach.  Each one has so much character with the lush landscaping and winding boardwalks.

Full disclaimer, Beach Proposals require the most planning on the front end.  I also recommend a back up plan for weather – just in case it’s too windy or starts to rain.  But when you nail it, you nail it … like this Sullivan’s Island Beach Proposal I photographed here.

4. Magnolia Plantation Proposal (Veranda/Middle Square)

Magnolia Plantation is a perfect proposal spot and guaranteed to be a surprise!  It’s absolutely worth a visit during your time in Charleston.  Tucked away on the Ashley River, the winding paths throughout the gardens offer countless spots to pop the question!  If you’re hiring a photographer, it’s super smart to plan exactly where you go down on bended knee just because the property is quite large.  I always love recommending locations that are easy to find on the map but also beautiful surroundings for your photos!  The best part about getting engaged at Magnolia Plantation is that you’ll always have a really fun place to return … and maybe even bring your kids one day!

5. Magnolia Plantation and Gardens (Summer Lawn)

Since we’re talking about Magnolia Plantation, the property is so large that I wanted to share my second favorite location for a Charleston proposal.  It’s a hidden gem tucked away called the Summer Lawn.  It’s easy to find, and makes for a romantic walk before popping the big question!  The Summer Lawn also has one of my favorite HUGE Live Oak Trees that’s dripping with Spanish Moss.  In March/April, the Azaleas are in full bloom and form a border around the garden.  It’s absolutely gorgeous!



6. Middleton Place Proposal

Like Magnolia Plantation, Middleton is always on my list of locations you must visit while visiting Charleston!  Where Magnolia Plantation’s landscaping is more natural and rustic (still gorgeous!) I would say Middleton Place feels like you’ve been transported to an English estate with perfectly manicured gardens.  Middleton also has a lovely restaurant that is great to make a reservation after the big proposal moment.  The property is just breathtaking and there are so many beautiful nooks to pop the question.  With a little planning, this is one of the most romantic spots to get engaged in Charleston!

7. Wragg Square Proposal

I love Charleston proposal locations that are off the beaten path.  Wragg Square is great for the couple that doesn’t want a big audience for their proposal moment.  It’s quiet, tucked away, and a short walk from a few fabulous hotels.  From a photographer’s perspective, this is one of the easier locations to coordinate the surprise moment, too.  The fountain is so beautiful with the gorgeous Live Oaks canopying overhead.  It has an iconic Charleston feel without a lot of foot traffic!

8. White Point Garden

White Point Garden is such an iconic proposal spot in Charleston.  The Gazebo is so beautiful under the canopy of Live Oaks.  There are so many options as far as where the bended knee moment can happen, too!  One of my favorite proposals happened under the Gazebo and then the couple shared a brunch picnic.  After the proposal, there’s always the opportunity for a quick engagement session along some of the most beautiful streets South of Broad.

9. Hotel or Airbnb Proposal

If a public proposal isn’t for you, there are SO many gorgeous hotels and Airbnbs with so much character.  The private space also allows for more time to get creative with florals and design.  I photographed the most beautiful proposal at a private residence turned Airbnb over in Moncks Corner that was just a dream! The planner was able to have enough time to set up an incredible flower installation.  Having the entire property to themselves also meant that they were able to invite more friends and family to celebrate after the big surprise!

10. Mount Pleasant Pier

The Mount Pleasant Pier is a hidden gem for a proposal with an iconic view of the Ravenel Bridge overhead!  I would argue, this could possibly be the best proposal location to capture the Ravenel Bridge in the backdrop!  There is the main pathway that takes you out over the pier, but there’s also a narrow grassy path that takes you along the water.  That grassy area is absolutely perfect!  And bonus … you are directly next to the marsh!

11. Charleston Pineapple Fountain

Located at Charleston Waterfront Park, the Pineapple Fountain is an iconic location for a proposal downtown.  I recommend planning a proposal there early in the morning, especially during peak season, so that you have more privacy.  It’s not uncommon to have lots of tourists in the evening, and even kids swimming in the fountain!  During peak season, this means that there may be other people in the background of the proposal photos.  Again, the early morning is the best way to avoid this!  The pro to lots of people is a guaranteed cheering crowd after you pop the question!

12. Wild Dunes Resort

Planning a vacation at Isle of Palm’s luxe Wild Dunes Resort?  The beaches there are one of the best proposal spots in Charleston!  Plan a dinner at Coastal Provisions just before sunset, and then walk along the beach for the big bended knee moment!  The sunset is just stunning here and the sand on the beach is the perfect shade that gives the best natural reflection for photos!  I recommend coordinating with the Wild Dunes Resort staff to make the proposal even more smooth regarding the logistics!  Charleston beach proposals are some of my absolute favorite and Wild Dunes Resort does not disappoint!


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