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Charleston Law School Graduation Photos

Apr 17, 2021

When Anne reached out about her Charleston Law School Graduation and vision for her photos, I was totally in!  We connected immediately on the vibe and locations for the shoot.

Because Four Corners of Law is a must for Charleston Law School Graduation Photos!

Though I had never heard the term “Four Corners of Law” before Anne mentioned it, I intuitively knew the exact location she was talking about in downtown Charleston.  I’ve since learned (thanks to Wikipedia!) that Robert Ripley (yes, that Ripley of Ripley’s Believe It or Not!) first coined this name for the intersection of Meeting Street and Broad Street.  At this corner you have St. Michael’s Church, Charleston City Hall, the Charleston County Court, and United States Post Office and Federal Courthouse.

To avoid foot and vehicle traffic, we started our shoot just after sunrise.  The light can be tricky on Broad with quickly flooding with direct light early and I wanted to try to capture Anne there while there was a soft glow.  The photos of here on the second floor of City Hall are some of my favorites from the day!

Because the huge white columns at Hibernian Hall say Law School Graduation

For the shoot, we intentionally chose locations and buildings that gave a Law school or Court House vibe.  Hibernian Hall was perfection with the large, tall columns lining the porch.  And of course, the pink wall peaking through from The Mills House Hotel gave us an iconic Charleston touch!

I also LOVE that Anne came styled in the traditional white with an über chic romper that was stunning!  She was overflowing with joy … and who wouldn’t be after nearly approaching her last exams and receiving her diploma!  (OH, and last week her boyfriend, Andy, PROPOSED just the week before!  So we had double the joy!!!)

Cannon Park is also a Law School vibe

The reality of a photographer is that whether it’s rain … or a community prayer gathering you didn’t expect … you always have to think quick and have a Plan B.  Due to an unexpected gathering in front of the historic ruins and columns there at Cannon Park, I wasn’t able to shoot our original plan for headshots there followed by confetti photos.  And that’s ok because Plan B was stunning!

Cue the Gradation Confetti Photos at Colonial Lake!

Graduation confetti photos have been a dream of mine!  And I was so excited that Anne was on board with the idea, too!  It is impossible to NOT smile when you see her smile, laughter, and joy in this moment of throwing confetti.  Pure joy!  (Side Note: we were strategic with clean up and purchased biodegradable confetti to be extra cautious!)

I had so much fun getting to know Anne and Andy during this shoot.  After a long year for all of us, it’s so exciting to just be excited, hopeful, and celebrating!  Cheers to the tremendous amount of work that went into this milestone achievement for Anne … and this new chapter for her and Andy.  What an absolute joy to get to know them!!




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