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Engagement Photos at Charleston’s Battery Beach and Pineapple Fountain

Apr 20, 2021

As a Charleston Engagement Photographer, Charleston’s Battery Beach has been on my bucket list for Engagement photos!  It’s an adventure, and takes the right couple, the right outfit, and timing the tide just right!  I was so excited when Britany and Chris shared they would be up for the challenge!  As Charleston locals, they wanted to take their Engagement photos at some of the most iconic Charleston landmarks.  This decision was really smart because it would be really   tough to photograph these busy spots on their wedding day!

We met at The Battery and walked to Battery Beach, Longitude Lane, Rainbow Row, and the Pineapple Fountain!  Does it get anymore classic Charleston than this?!

Charleston’s Battery Beach, A Hidden Gem for Engagement Photos

Battery Beach is a coveted spot for photographers.  That’s mainly because of the view of the South of Broad homes along the Battery and also the beach!  If you’ve walked along The Battery, chances are that you’ve walked by this spot and never noticed it!

The catch: there’s no ladder or steps to get down to the beach!  That’s right, you have to jump!  Getting down is the easy part – getting up definitely was interesting!  (Note: I would NOT recommend this for kids unless you bring some kind of ladder to safely get up and down.)

Starting our Engagement session at sunrise meant we had a soft glow and bonus: the sun dipped behind a soft layer of clouds.  The combination of the two made for a perfect morning to shoot on Charleston’s Battery Beach!  We had so much fun and it was totally worth the adventure!

Strolling down Longitude Lane and Rainbow Row

Pro  Tip: If you want to plan to visit Rainbow Row during your photography session, I can’t stress enough: SUNRISE + WEEKDAY!  We started at sunrise and that early morning window on a Thursday meant that we were literally the only.ones.there!  We had Rainbow Row all to ourselves!  There was zero wait for people to walk around to avoid being in the photos.  And of course, we had to take a quick stroll down Longitude Lane for a few photos, too!

Does it get anymore iconic than Engagement Photos at Charleston’s Pineapple Fountain?

I am soooo happy that Britany and Chris wanted to include Charleston’s Pineapple Fountain in their Engagement Shoot!  As a photographer, it’s a tricky spot to photograph.  That’s mainly due to the direct sun and the crowds during peak tourist season.  The beauty of getting up early meant that we had the Pineapple Fountain all to ourselves.  I was also able to capture a lot of wide shots with the palm trees and oaks framing the photo because there wasn’t foot traffic.

Needless to say, I’m SOOOO excited to photograph Britany + Chris’ wedding here in Charleston this September at Cannon Green!  Caitlin with Woven + Revel has a gorgeous design in store and I’m so excited to work alongside my dear friend Drew at Dockhouse Digital!!  Counting down the days to their wedding day!



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