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Best 3 Charleston Proposal Tips

Aug 5, 2021

I’m so excited to share the best 3 Charleston Proposal tips that made Solomon’s surprise proposal to Deanna at The Gibbes Museum of Art absolute perfection!!  As a Charleston Proposal Photographer, Deanna’s reaction is what I live for … she was in absolute shock!  Deanna had NO idea that their trip to Charleston was actually Solomon’s proposal plan all along!

Charleston Proposal Tip #1: Come up with a good story about where you’re going, and why!

What makes a great proposal surprise is a great story.  This insures you have an exact time and motivation to be at a specific location.  Deanna totally thought Solomon would propose during their upcoming trip to Italy.  A Charleston Proposal was never on the radar because Solomon planned a great story.  They made plans together to celebrate their dear friend’s birthday with a Charleston getaway.  This wasn’t a lie because it was in fact her friend’s birthday weekend.  It turns out “her friend” planned an epic private party at The Gibbes Museum, located in the heart of Charleston.  Little did Deanna know that the birthday party was really a surprise proposal … for her!  The quote of the night was hearing Deanna say: “If I had known he were proposing, I would have worn waterproof mascara and never chosen this white dress!”  It turns out the white dress was PERFECT!

Charleston Proposal Tip #2: Hire a Proposal Planner!

Yes, Proposal Planners are a real thing!  My dear friend Jena is the owner of Propose Charleston and she specializes in planning Charleston proposals!  From booking dinner Reservations, carriage rides, securing the private venue, florals, champagne … you name it, she’s loaded with ideas and experience to pull off the most beautiful surprise proposal!  Solomon hired Jena to coordinate the details and design, starting with beautiful pipe and draped doors to maximize the surprise of giant marquee letters that read: MARRY ME!  And the candle lit pathway circling the fountain was the icing on the cake!

Charleston Proposal Tip #3: For an extra layer of surprise, coordinate family and friends and give them a big reveal!

Deanna was speechless and in tears as Solomon dropped to bended knee in from of the big sign MARRY ME.  And that wasn’t the only surprise!  Her reaction to realizing her best friends and family were hidden off to the side was priceless!  Talk about the truest of true surprises!  Deanna did not see this proposal coming!!

I’m so excited to share a few of my favorites from this epic surprise Charleston proposal!  Well done, Solomon, well done!!!



Location: The Gibbes Museum, Charleston, SC || Engagement Ring: Fink’s Jewelers || Planning: Jena, Proposal Charleston || Marquee Letters: Alpha Lit Marquee Letters || Charcuterie Boards: Classy Cheese Chic || Photographer: Jen Keys Photography


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